School Day Camps


For ten years the Huntsville, AR school district, Madison County Community Coalition and Camp Harvest have worked together to successfully provide day camps that focus on building resiliency skills through a mixture of structured lessons using Life Skills Training Curriculum and outdoor experiential learning activities. The Pre-Teen Workshop day camps are held for 5th & 6th grade students. Some of the lessons include: a presentation from successful teens about the changes and challenges coming during adolescence, social skills, communication skills, withstanding peer pressure, awareness of advertising techniques and tricks, conflict resolution and anger management, stress management, information about drugs and the problems they can cause and a lesson about decision making using a courtroom scenario.

The experiential lessons focus on social skills and teamwork building as well as experiences that mimic the impairments one would experience under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The 7th Grade Challenge utilizes a low ropes challenge course. A low ropes challenge course is a collection of physically, emotionally and intellectually challenging problem-solving scenarios, activities and initiatives. Through the various activities specific skills are taught that can be transferred to all aspects of life. Building life skills for the 21st century is vital to every activity at camp. Questioning, reasoning and critical thinking skills are utilized. The experiential approach engages all learning styles.

school2Camp Harvest is willing to work with your school group to develop an experience that will meet the needs of your students.