Mock Disaster Training

– Search and Rescue – Police – Fire.

This bus has been placed in a hollow to simulate the worst possible bus accident. The plan is to give search and rescue teams, fire departments and law enforcement agencies a realistic situation to practice victim extraction. By creating your own scenario your group will have a hands on experience to practice many different skills and work as a team. Your team is invited to inspect the grounds and facilities at Camp Harvest. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the possibilities for training.

Please call and make an appointment for a visit or to schedule a training event with your department or group.


Camp Disaster Training

Using our local Emergency Medical System and Fire Department, campers are presented with classroom instruction on how to help during a crisis, whether it be a natural or man-made disaster. Disasters leave people in one of two positions–either as a victim or one who helps victims. Camp Harvest trains young adults to take the lead and provide the necessary help. Imaginary situations, or scenarios, are presented to the campers. They must draw upon the previously given classroom instruction, their prior knowledge, and other members of their team. The skills of problem solving, decision making, communication, teamwork, and trust are utilized to work through the scenarios. The scenarios are often filmed and reviewed by the group; strengths and weaknesses are pointed out and discussed. The goal is to take campers from teaching to training.